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Coming Soon To Lincoln With Love from Costa Rica: Cafe Con Amor Coffee

cafe con amor00001After investing wisely in real estate, spending time in Florida and getting ready to head to a lush jungle location, you would think that a couple who could potentially retire may not be interested in waking up before dawn and getting their hands and knees dirty for most of the day. Some people’s idea of retirement involves a bit more luxury, and possibly a lot more lounging around. Marianella Baez is originally from Costa Rica, and she learned English while attending East High school with me in the class of 1986 right here in Lincoln. This is where I met her, years before I dreamed of a career in real estate at Realty Works. Marianella or “Lela” met her husband Jon Jost while in College at the University of Nebraska, and they both moved to Florida. She continued to work in a very corporate environment after completing an international business degree, and her husband was a strength and conditioning trainer at Flordia State University.

cafe con amor 0044Before this while they were in Lincoln, they had grown to love places like The Mill, a staple of the Haymarket environment, and a purveyor of world class coffee right here in the Star City. They took close note of the desire that people have for their morning or study-time perk, even in a down economy. After a few years of successful real estate investments, they began to explore the possibility of having their own coffee label. They knew after some research that in places like Asia, the demand for high-quality coffee is astronomical, and “Q graders” rank the beans globally just like commodities and futures investors rank elements of the market. The quality of coffee goes from a scale of 0 to 100, and specialty coffee begins around the number 84. If you can produce a product in this quality sphere, you can retain financial gain, and secure demand for your labor of love.

cafe con amor00099Purchasing the farm in Costa Rica and getting everything ready was full of roadblocks, and many emotions. To produce high-grade coffee, the higher altitude of the farm is much better, and producing the beans with no flat land, no tractors, and no other equipment, all tasks are done painstakingly by hand, including picking every single coffee bean. As the struggles and hardships began, the couple realized that their dream was not going to be a snap of the fingers in the least, and they were going to encounter some hardships. As they remembered their beloved spots such as Cultiva Cafe back in the heartland, they buckled down, and their love for each other was as strong as their undying work ethic.

cafe con amor00088The finished product of “Cafe Con Amor” is slated to arrive in Nebraska around July, where the hot months allow many Lincolnites the option of having their wake-up shot of caffeine outside in the nights laden with crickets and stars. The two always appreciated the comradery and warm hearts that Nebraskans have for each other, and have never experienced it anywhere else in the nation. Impressed by the religious rooting of the beloved Cornhuskers and the kindness of strangers, they put their heads together and vowed to make Lincoln their first market.

cafe con amor00002This brand of coffee’s name means “Coffee With Love”, and that is exactly what you receive as these two professionals take full control of the “Chain of Custody” within their product. These days, just as processed foods and GMOS have addled the food marketplace, so has honesty. In the coffee realm, you never quite know exactly what they are getting, so Marianella and Jon Jost have made sure that they control every step from seed to cup of their product every step of the way. With outsourcing, corporate folks wanting as much profit as possible, and even worse things that can happen, keeping this “Chain of Custody” so pure, is the mark of true traceability craft and concern for health.

cafe con amor 00099When midsummer rolls around, you can look for Cafe con Amor at Cultiva, the Mill, Canyon Coffee, Bean Smith and other Roasters and coffee shops around Lincoln and Omaha.  Harvesting coffee takes around three months, and the process before shipping takes about another two; when the coffee goes through a wet and a dry mill. So currently, this dynamic duo are in the harvest period, and toiling through the days to get it just right. We have a feeling that when their celestial concoction reaches the heartland, people are going to get excited, and busy up every barista’s afternoon with high demand.

A local Portal for a Healthier Lease on Life: Lincoln Yoga Center

lincoln yoga center 001000It’s no secret that people in our nation and all around the world are becoming way too stressed out. Whether dealing with increasing traffic, tasks at work that endlessly pile up on you, or just the usually family issues are adding to your need to balance your energy, you will recognize the symptoms when it’s time to meditate or pose. From 2008 until 2012 alone, there was a 29% increase in the number of people who practiced yoga, and during the year 2012, there were around 20 million participants of yoga in the US. Right here in the Star City there is plenty of interest in the topic, and we wanted to showcase one business that is a personal Realty Works favorite.

In business for the last five years, the Lincoln Yoga Center is our standout choice for a few different reasons. The sheer amount of offerings makes the center a special kind of awesome; this is not a thrown together regimen with a few mats and zero guidance! The All Levels class is presented by an instructor who will offer variations during the class so the participant can clearly gauge their level. This may be a mix of yoga for opposing forces, or a variety that works on stretching the important tissues of our body. The Ashtanga class is perfect for those who are looking to find poses that work well for them, and pinpoint where their journey is going to head next.

lincoln yoga center0000005The Balance and Flexibility class mixes up beginning Yoga and Tai Chi, and can be appropriate for those who may have a bit limited sphere of motion. The standard Beginners Yoga Class is for those who are looking for something a bit on the gentler side of things, while still getting the benefits of yin and a moderate paced style. Beginning Rope Wall and Chair Yoga are perfect for those who are looking for a safe way to learn the benefits of alignment who still want a little support. On the third Thursday of every month, you can explore the free intro to yoga, that does a great job of showing you the basics of postures and letting you explore what the future possiblities for you here may be.

lincoln yoga center 0000883If you are truly on a path to mindfulness that may involve a detox regimen to boot, you will love to participate in the Hot Power Yoga class: taking place in a room that is between 90 and 100 degrees, this is an opportunity to not only sweat, but build crucial core strength. There is a more advanced variation of this called Hot Vinyasa; it is not within the realm of beginner’s reach, and is really geared towards the most strenthening poses in conditions of extreme heat. Integral Yoga is a class during which you really may find yourself transcending towards the locations on the globe where yoga got it’s origins: Chanting and meditation are focused on during this class that has a wide appeal for those interested in a very authentic experience; listening to sitar greats like Ravi Shankar beforehand will prepare you.

lincoln yoga center 000067The kids yoga program here helps little ones aged 4 to 9 with important balance, coordination, and self control, and is an excellent way to introduce mindfullness and poses to precious young ones whose bodies could stand to benefit most from learning the practice. Mid Day Flow is a great and much needed breakup of the day where breathwork and movment are used to conjure up energy, and give you the tools needed to connect with your mind in proper fashion. Prenatal Yoga could be the absolute most vital class offered here, as it provides a safe enviornment for those getting ready to bring one into our world, and evoke from the source of the woman’s body ways to promote more tranquilty for the sometimes uncomfortable task of carrying a child.

lincoln yoga center000078The Lincoln Yoga Center also offers private lessons and opportunites to rent the studio, which would be a standout location to host a product launch, appreciation party, or birthday soireee. Another way to relax yourself right onsite here is by receiving a therapeutic massage from a trained professional: Tara Russell is located onsite to bring your aching muscles comfort. After a week from hell spent toiling in the cubicle, a myofascial release will feel incredible, as will a chair massage, Swedish, or trigger point therapy treatment from her expert and healing hands. With her services and experience on hand, you can benefit by releasing much unwanted stress that brings your mind and body down; to see about scheduling a class or massage at this week’s Realty Works business pick, just check them out here.

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