When you walk into a specialty shop that was born and bred by the most knowledgeable out there, you can sense it in the air. In our city’s rich and longstanding history, there were many innovators who cultivated ideas that were way ahead of their time, and Ken Meier was one of them. During 1978, he realized that Lincoln had liquor stores that offered small selections of wine here and there, but none that provided a true specialty of wine knowledge and selection. He is now joined by his son Kevin in this longstanding effort of having a true connoisseur’s haven for wine and beverages.

meiers cork00002At this corner of 13th and South, the Danek Bros Grocery used to reside, another staple of Lincoln’s illustrious history and business owners. Whether you are looking for the finest of the fine, or on the hunt for the best bottle of wine under 20 dollars, you won’t come out of Meier’s disappointed. Beginning November 19th, the Thanksgiving holiday sale will give you an opportunity to sample whatever you have a hankering for in the wine department. From pairing a Merlot with pasta or charcuterie to sampling a Riesling with asiago or gargonzola, this sale will be an awesome opportunity for you to bring true variety and warmth to the table with your family during this festive time of year.

meiers cork0004The state of the art wine tasting system from Napa Technologies here allows for smart card integration on behalf of the customer, and is the most advanced and efficient way to sample wine by the glass in the world, hands down. The tasting room here at Meier’s is also available for rent, and is a perfect location for a work holiday party, couples date, or end of the year graduation soiree. Whether it’s a white, red, or Cabernet you choose, you are bound to get the best and purest glass, and enjoy the taste of upper end wine the way it was intended to be.

meiers cork0054As far as beer, there are some standout breweries right here in Nebraska whose goods that you simply have to try from Meier’s! Zipline Brewery just won a medal at the Great American Beer Fest for their Copper Alt beer, and Lucky Bucket up the road in Omaha is one of the best in the state. They have a great wheat beer you’re going to want to try as well as their IPA, Jug Thumper, Belly Flop, and more. Thunderhead brewing out of Kearney is making really big waves with their canned Prairie Peach Wheat, and has one of the best Dark Wheats we’ve ever tasted. With the holidays right around the corner and the possibility of you having a rendezvous soon with the true wine aficionado in your network, Meier’s right here in Lincoln can set you up for something special and robust to serve that will brighten the table in no time, and bring you and yours a multitude of well planned cheer.

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